Uniqlo expanding it’s Australian footprint

Japanese retail giant, Uniqlo is going through it’s expansion into Australia with an estimated opening of 50 stores around Australia within the next three years. This is a huge commitment to the Australian market which is currently experiencing poor retail sales and an abundance of international retailers.

Uniqlo plans to open up to 100 stores eventually making it one of the biggest internal clothing retailers in Australia. Their goal is to have approximately 1 store for every 20000 people. CEO Tadashi Yanai said that Uniqlo will initially focus on Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Uniqlo also owns other brands such as GU and Theory which it intends to release into the Australian market.

For it’s first year of trade in Australia, Uniqlo has reported a net loss of 6 million dollars due the cost of it’s expansion into Sydney and Melbourne. Find a Unqilo coupon here.

Uniqlo is currently in negotiations for a number of stores in Brisbane and is hoping to open a presence there soon.

admin / May 24, 2015 / Business

How Booktopia has grown

Booktopia has grown from a small business in a shed to the one of the biggest online bookstores in Australia. The company was started by Tony Nash and now turns over $39 million in revenue.

Tony Nash has a number of rules that he follows to ensure that Booktopia continues on it’s growth pattern, which has been an average of 46 percent in past years. There are huge multinational companies in this sector including Amazon and Bookworld. Being competitive against these companies require smart business.

It is important to ensure that your site is up to scratch and that people can trust what they are seeing on the screen, especially if it’s a store they’re visiting for the first time. You must make sure you site looks credible and that any awards you may have are prominently displayed.

Ensure companies have some incentives to purchase. Booktopia usually distribute a monthly Booktopia coupon which gives customers free delivery. This sort of randomly timed incentives encourages companies to take that next step and make a purchase.

Ensure you have sufficient product supply or customers will look elsewhere. There is very little that distinguishes one store from another. If you can provide the service a customer wants, you will win.

admin / February 5, 2015 / Business